Account Manager


  • What’s your role within the Company ?  ==> I am Account Manager. My role is to advise SMEs on the integration of cost-effective, functional and scalable solutions for the smooth running of their IT environment.

  • What do you like best in your job ? ==> In two words: Customer Satisfaction.
    What could be more exhilarating than finding a solution to a problem encountered by a craftsman or small shopkeeper. The relief of the client facing his problem solved is very rewarding.

  • What job did you want to do as a child? ==> Coming from a family with military tradition, I naturally had this ambition. Finally life has taken me to other paths including the trade and service where I take pleasure in satisfying my customers.

  • What do you like in your Company ? ==> The family side. Within, a subsidiary of the Wagner Group, I appreciate the closeness of all the players in the group.
    The philosophy of the group is the same towards our customers: proximity, availability and listening.