Head of Sales and Presales


  • What’s your role within the Company ? ==>  Head of Sales and Presales

  • What do you like best in your job ? ==> I do appreciate the variety and interdisciplinary challenge between the technical and the sales/customer oriented part in order to find the very best solution for every project. Every Customer has his own, individual needs to satisfy. The energy and momentum gained by teamwork and spirit of technically as well as of commercially driven teams while being the internal communication interface between those two departments.

  • What job did you want to do as a child ? ==> Teacher for mathematics and arts. ​When I was young, I always wanted to be a teacher for mathematics and arts, as I have a very rational and a very creative personality. I later realized, that teacher in general has brilliant moments and is gifted to work with children, but unfortunately hasn’t the portion of freedom I am enjoying in life.

  • What do you like in your Company ?==> We are team – and honestly this isn’t a set phrase. Everybody can feel the spirit, the loyalty and the integrity – either top or bottom – every single day.