• Quel est votre rôle au sein de la Société?

As Managing Partner, I (together with Jerry) am responsible for the definition, as well as the execution of the company’s strategy.  As Head of IT & Sales, I am responsible for the definition of sales policies as well as all presales & sales operations, and am equally responsible for our technology strategy as well as the implementation of the same.

  • Que préférez-vous dans votre travail?

I like many things about my job, however I love that, as Managing Partner, I get to be involved in almost every aspect of the business.  Making a company grow is very rewarding, both on a personal and professional level.

  • Quel emploi voulez-vous faire en tant qu'enfant?  

Archaeologist, just like Indiana Jones 

  • Quesque vous aimez chez CMD?

That the team is very client oriented, no one is shy about having contact with clients and helping them as best as they can.